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i don’t remember much about the start of this dream but i had a heart attack (which i experienced the pain and internal feeling) and was in the hospital.

i had the feeling that something was very wrong with me and that the problem was above the heads of the doctors that were treating me. i demanded to be seen by doctor house. they refused.

eventually i end up having a second heart attack. somehow i now realize that i have a large clot running around my circulatory system that could kill me at any moment if it went to my brain/lungs/heart(again). the doctors do not believe me.

as i’m trying to explain how dangerous my situation is i start to feel pressure and pain build up in my right leg/hip area. i deduce that the clot is causing an infarction (the same thing that caused house’s leg issue). i try to push the clot through with my hands and all of a sudden it breaks free and the pressure in my legs is massive. it feels like i’m forcing playdough through my arteries. the clot starts to run through my arteries/veins but the clot is massive. so much so that my veins and arteries are buldging off my skin and i can see the clot running through my entire leg.

one doctor tells me that it’s not just a regular clot. somehow there is fecal matter mixed in there as well. they finally believe that i’m in great danger. i insist that they give me blood thinners to thin out the clot (ps: i don’t think this works) but they are arguing amongst themselves. despite the fact that i’m seemingly going to die at any moment i’m much more confident now that my case is weird enough that doctor house would have to take it.

i was in school and felt like i really needed to do well. i know i had to study for something as i took my stuff from my backpack and started with my notes. it wasn’t math but it was similar. some numbers and some words. i knew i had some issues with it before so i really wanted to do well. i sat along this row along the wall – like the table was built in like a bar. as i was studying, my principal came out and he happened to be my current boss, doug. he talked to me a bit as i studied and he was printing something out. i looked at my watch and it was 5 after 11 and i realized i was late for my test. my principal was already gone, so i got my stuff up really quick and left. i ran to class but realized i didn’t remember which room it was in, so i ended up peeking in a lot of rooms. i finally found it when my teacher looked my way as i was peeking through the window. by the way, my teacher happened to be house (hugh laurie)!

i sat down and grabbed my stuff and listened to his lecture. something about how if you were smart, you would have printed out the test to study from, because if house had handed out the sheets, you could have just thrown them away. if you printed them out, that was a large part of the battle. then he mentioned something about how google has that feature where you can send things in the past. the end.