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i was running in a marathon with a few of my friends, and we stopped for a bathroom break, and my friend goes, “are you on your period?” and i said, “no, not for a couple of days.” but when i went to the bathroom, i had my period. some story happened in the bathroom, but i can’t remember – something about rachel bilson being in it. for some odd reason, the next scene i remember is in chinatown, at a dim sum restaurant. we were getting ready to order while we waited for people. but now my family is there. so are my girl friends. i am sitting there and i realize it is this girl named ann’s birthday. i look outside and see a flower vendor. so i start looking for cash in my backpack to buy her a flower. i can’t find any. i ask my mom for some. she didn’t have any either, i guess.

oh yeah, and my cousin is talking to my mom about getting a discount at a retail store my mom worked at, i guess.

this guy named biagio that i know says he has some, but it might be in his beret in his car. i’m finally reaching into my bag and i don’t find cash, but i find one of my uncashed paychecks for $1k or something, but it was dated for 2001. i get pissed at myself because i had never noticed it was missing. i ask my mom where there is an atm, and she says downtown. i put the check in my shirt so i don’t forget. the end. i wake up reaching for where i think my check is.

at alice [p from high school]’s house. two days in a row she has been in my dream. weird. joleen is there too, not that i was even ever friends with her. i think it was joleen, anyway. we’re watching tv on a projector. a bunch of images go by, and there’s one of me with two other girls and i am in the middle of them and i am naked. but i have like, no boobs. i look like a boy physique-wise, but it’s me. it’s weird that it’s in there and i tell them to change the slide, but asides from that, i’m not too shocked or surprised or angry. i get up and go to the bathroom, and the bathroom is behind this little pull out wooden door type thing. i close the door behind me. the floor is like… covered with period blood. but it’s not like, just dripped blood, it’s like after someone on her period has taken a shower and the blood is mixed with water. that blood is everywhere. pretty sick. it’s alice’s. i’m grossed out a LITTLE and i wipe it off but still stand barefoot in the bloody floor (it’s not COVERED or anything, mind you, but it’s significant enough to be gross). i’m not as disgusted as i would be in real life.