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mike s:
my band has decided to move in with another from san jose called in disgust. strange decision on everyone’s part because we don’t work anywhere near sj. so, we’re moving in and notice this creepy kid in a brown tank top who removed all of the laundry machines out of the designated room and installed several computers. the only program he’s running is this virtual porn video maker. the program allowed him to make any girl possible from a huge bank of traits (physical and personality). je kept making girls that i knew and naming them something else.

matt (guitar player of in disgust) was being kind of tense and i made a crack about how he looked like michael bolton from “office space”. he got frustrated and left. so, rich (his drummer) and i suddenly became good friends and were hosing kids down as they rode their bikes past the house. at this point, i don’t know where my band mates are. i asked around and found out that no liquor store in san jose sold blunt wraps (that made no sense), which sent gregg out of town in a huff. yong-sung was making friends with everyone in the neighborhood up the street (which was incredibly steep, like lombard street in SF).

i just had a dream within a dream.

in the first dream, i was watching tv and realized that i had been chosen from a number contestants to be a reality tv star. i only noticed when i saw the show because they just filmed me, and didn’t tell me. we were all would-be singers trying to make it, and while the songs written by the other participants were the soundtrack to the show, there was footage of me struggling to keep up with them as we rode bicycles up a hill in san francisco. i was obviously the comic relief, but i found out how famous i was when girls started hitting on me as i walked in the park.

suddenly i was in a hotel room. i had “woken up” and was trying to write down the name of the group from the dream. i did (lost to me now, of course). we had been driving through seattle — i remember trying to figure out where we were and looking up to see a space needle about six times as high as the one in real seattle. i was asking what we would do next and my mom of all people said that we were going to smoke out in a bathroom at the pike place market — joints that my father had picked up.

from behind it looked like my real father, but when he turned around it was paul mccartney.

i began to tell paul the dream about being a star. when i told it to him, instead of being in a contest i had been in a real group who was a famous, “hippie band” like the mamas and the papas, ’cause that’s how dream-nick remembered it. paul took offense to “hippie band” and i had to reassure him that even though his music was from the same era, it was not “hippie music”. then i told him that in my dream he was not himself, he was bruce springsteen. he said, “that’s deep.”