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a bunch of people are standing outside in a large huddled group. there is some kind of event going on. sherry starts talking to these two asian guys next to us, and before i know it, she is holding hands with one of them. that guy tells his friend they should “go with that one asian girl”. she starts holding hands with both and pulls them along. we start to walk away (i am not holding hands with anyone) and sherry gets the attention of more people and coaxes them to come along. more and more people start holding hands, forming a train of sorts, but in a V kinda formation. they all walk away to the left of where they previously were (from my point of view). i hold hands with no one and only watch. everyone in the dream is asian, which is, for some reason, a notable point (probably since it’s been forever since that has happened in one of my dreams).

i was having a fling with some guy in portland or somewhere, and he had text-messaged me. i was going to meet him and as i was trying to text him back, it kept failing (and somehow i knew that it was failing, as opposed to him just not responding… not sure if there was a failure message sent back or what). anyway, i wasn’t sure why, but as i was pulling up to this train track, i saw his car on the other side of the train track. in the middle the train was passing but the train was like, on fire.

soon, the fire spread all over the place, and had engulfed my car and the car in front of me and behind me, and i assumed had also engulfed the cars on the other side of the tracks. the firefighters showed up out of nowhere. i was going to get out of my car cause i thought gas might cause it to explode. i started opening the door and it was a little hot, but a firefighter screamed at me through the window and told me to stay inside. soon they had watered down my car and it was no longer on fire. i then got out.

but then there was this spanish-speaking father with his child and for some reason i agreed or volunteered to take his child from him while he did something else related to the fire???? and i don’t recall what i said exactly but i struggled to find the right spanish words — and they made sense in my dream — and he responded in spanish that was not as coherent as the words i was saying. we talked about where i would take the kid (who was about… five or six?) to meet dad after the ordeal was over, and at what time. i think we settled on sometime in the evening… sounds like 2pm or 2am… something with 2 in it. anyway, it crossed my mind that maybe he would never come back, and we would go there every day at 2pm or 2am for days on end, waiting for the father to come back and claim his child.

inspiration: had the dream on the flight from seattle to houston. lots of spanish-speaking individuals, including our flight attendant who looked like “native”?