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i’m with a group of people. we are doing something — i forget what. johnny comes behind me and puts his arms around my neck, and i am surprised about this. soon we leave. i have to go somewhere else, but i have someting to do, so i’m lagging. johnny is far ahead with a couple other people, perhaps, and i am following jeanette. we are all pretty staggered, though; jeanette is kind of waiting for me and not particularly walking next to anyone, and neither is the person in front of her. we’re all just walking single file, but really far apart. it seems to be nighttime… but soon, we arrive at our destination. it’s in a national park. there’s an art show going on at the national park, which is crazy. the park isn’t death vaflley, but it is of the kind of dry variety. hence my surprise when i round the corner and there’s a huge fucking ocean-like body of water. this is the coolest part of the dream. the body of water is BEAUTIFUL. it was so beautiful that i stopped at the shore and sat down for a second to just take it in. anyway. the body of water swaps between being really calm and really violent. it has huge waves when it reaches the shore (on which there are a lot of people sitting). but when you’re in the center of the water, it’s just a huge swell, with the surface pulling up towards the sky really far. looks amazing, and the colors are lovely. it’s almost like the water is sloshing back and forth in a giant bowl. anyway. i’m looking for johnny and i can’t find him. i’m trying to figure out a way of crossing the body of water to get onto the island that’s across from it. on the island is a building; i want to say it is white outside. i’m trying to find a way to cross the ocean without going directly across it; meanwhile, i turn around and i see jeanette stripping down to her bathing suit. she’s far away, but she seems to have no problem swimming across. i walk down a ways and see a bridge. and as i’m standing on the shore, looking across the bridge at the island, the guy next to me gets whipped by a stray wave (which moves in a way water could never really move, as if a whisp of rope was whipping him off) and gets knocked off. then i cross the bridge, which is this white rickety thing. on the other side, i go inside the building. it’s large, maze-like, multi-story. i climb some stairs. it’s dimly lit inside, and there are a lot of bars. i am looking for johnny, but i can’t find him. go to one particular bar and see a couple of people i know; they comment that johnny disappeared. i wonder… did he drown? and then… did jeanette drown? i don’t know what happened in-between, but then i get a text message from johnny later on explaining where he is and what happened. the text message, from what i remember, is brief, but explanatory.

interpretation of following other people:
If you dream you are following another person then this is an indication that you need to be able to look at the way you identify yourself with others.

interpretation of desert:
To dream that you are walking through a desert, signifies loss and misfortune. You may be suffering from an attack on your reputation. Deserts are also symbolic of barrenness, loneliness and feelings of isolation and hopelessness. The desert landscape may also be a metaphor for feeling deserted and left behind.

interpretation of shore:
To see the shore in your dream, suggests that your emotional needs are satisfied and inner turmoil has been resolved. It refers to the point where the conscious mind meets the unconscious. You have come to a place of solace and comfort. Alternatively, the dream indicates that you have explored all your options and need to think outside the box. There is still endless possibilities for you to consider.

interpretation of water:
To see water in your dream, symbolizes your unconscious and your emotional state of mind. Water is the living essence of the psyche and the flow of life energy. It is also symbolic of spirituality, knowledge, healing and refreshment. To see calm, clear water in your dream, means that you are in tune with your spirituality. It denotes serenity, peace of mind, and rejuvenation. If you are crossing water, you can overcome dangers easily stepping back.

interpretation of waves:
To hear waves crashing in your dream, indicates tenderness and relaxation. It also brings about feelings of sensuality, sexuality and tranquility.

interpretation of island:
To see or dream that you are on an island, signifies ease, relaxation and comfort. The dream is telling you that you need a vacation and escape the stresses in your life. It is time for some solitude.

interpretation of lighting:
To see soft or shadowy lighting in your dreams, indicates feelings and thoughts from the primal aspects and less developed parts of your unconscious.

interpretation of stairs:
If your dream contains a set of stairs then this indicates that you are starting to move towards some clear goals. If you are climbing a set of stairs then this shows that you have the required effort in order to succeed.

interpretation of maze:
To dream that you are in a maze, denotes that you need to deal with a waking task on a more direct level. You are making the situation harder than it really is. Alternatively, the maze symbolizes life’s twists and turns. It represents indecision, confusion, missteps, feeling lost or being misled.

assessment of interpretation:
trying to figure that out. can’t tell if it’s overall positive or negative. it is, though, quite revelatory and helpful.

i went to florida and i went to this disney world type of place. the first adventure thing we went on was th is bridge-like thing with rope and water. it was programmed so no one would get hurt swinging into the water with these. i was with my cousin tia, i think. but people would swing and hit the water. we were walking across t he bridge and we tried it too, but i didn’t hit the water. we saw jenny jones (yes, the talk show host), swinging from it too. when we got across the bridge, we got into this room and it had old pictures drawn by people we knew. i watched a slide of them and saw pictures drawn by random people i knew. i saw one by my mom and didn’t believe it was hers. then they told me it was actually my uncle’s. the end.

cult takeover. i’m in a house. i want to get out. i am upstairs in one room but then i go across the hall to another room, where i hold hands with an under-aged kid. that’s wrong? but i do it anyway. they (him and others) are watching tv in that room and it is dark. i say i have to be at school, not at this house. but he opens the door, sees his parents are in the hall near the other door talking to some people, and closes the door. i think about leaving through the window in the room that leads to the roof. but i don’t want to do it without my shoes. he plans on leaving through the roof to go downstairs and get me my black leather / plaid etnies. but now suddenly the door he previously opened has a half-circle window in it, and we can see out of it and see if his parents are still there. i guess i’m not supposed to be with him. his parents’re going inside the room across the hall and the other family is walking down the stairs, to the left. a kid lingers outside the other room and i don’t want him to see me, but get impatient and leave anyway. i walk downstairs. on the way, danny noriega heads towards the room i was just in.

downstairs, jeanette’s mom and sherry are there. i open a fridge for food. i think sherry gives me bags of something. the inside of the bags (think thick ziploc-closure type bags, but a lot stronger plastic) has something i enjoy eating. i proceed to eat it. but then i realize that one side of the ouside of the bag is covered with fried baby chicks, aggh. beaks and everything. they’re smattered on that one side so dense that you can’t see the plastic in between them. they are defeathered, of course. a perfect, bumpy interlocking puzzle pile of fried baby chicks. and actually, i have two plastic bags with the chicks on the outside, and now that i realize this, i notice that everything in the kitchen, countertop, and in the fridge are COVERED with these dead fried baby chicks. sick. jeanette’s mom did this, i guess. now i really want to leave. there’s some vague attempt to escape from jeanette’s mom or hide from her (involving me running around, but i don’t remember details). i finally make it outside.

but wait, people are weird outside. like zombies, only i attribute them to being regular people who are just cultish and scary. they walk around like zombies but do not eat peopole. i hop into a car at some point with 4 other people i “know”. some dad driving the car. not mine. well, i guess the car is nearly out of gas? so we want to conserve it. for a while, we rely on the weight of five passengers and just allow the car to roll without pressing on the gas to see how long we might last. we do fairly well. no one seems to bother us in the car and move out of our ways at the last minute. we slowly go through the smaller streets, trying to avoid people. at one point, a big ball of junk rolls by, like a katamari, but we just miss it. but finally, we turn down a narrow street and a big truck is blocking us in with its giant fender that’s sticking out really far.

fast-forward and i’m going to cross the ocean with some people from the house. the ocean has giant greek-like columns sticking out from it, and a narrow banister on which laders, one after another, are resting. there are breaks between the banister. the goal is to cross using just the ladders. everyone goes a bit and we seem to be doing fine but then the people in the front mess up and lose the ladders in the ocean somehow. we didn’t have enough to make it across. so, someone has the idea to use the ladders as crutches and walk to the end. somehow the water is not deep (it’s far below us at the bottom of the very long ladders), but we dare not walk in it for some reason. the banister turns into a table and all these shorter ladders appear so that everyone can find two of matching length with which we can cross the ocean. using the ladders as crutches is surprisingly easy, and we get to the other side. the cult is there. something about an elaborate plan devised by the driver of my car in which everyone has a small part to play. there’s a ceremony. we pretend to be cult members. me and this other guy get to the altar, where this stone book/tablet shaped like a giant p (but with a shorter tail) is, and we start to drum on it. we are playing different beats, like stomp. i assume other people are doing their parts also. not sure how this is supposed to stop the cult, but it does.

before i know it, our group is in a bookstore, having declared victory over the cult. but wait — someone says that there is a sequel, as if that whole cult thing were based on a book. oh no! a sequel! we think. that means the problem’s not eradicated, and interesting, the sequel is written by a different author, meaning what we have learned and expected won’t necessarily be useful next time since everyone has different writing styles and ideas!!