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i run into sherry somewhere, and she’s with her family. she says, “come to this person’s wedding,” and i’m like, “wtf, but i don’t know this person, and i never hang out with you unless vivian is around. is this like cheating on vivian?” and she’s like, “it’s okay, i have two extra dresses, and you can wear one.” and so we go. there’s like three parts to the wedding, and we miss the first two parts (i have no idea why there are three parts). we only make it to the eating part, and we eat and leave. the bride was mad. i think the bride was kind of like, “oh great, sherry, you brought a guest who didn’t even bring a present and she’s eating my food and leaving.” i think there was yogurt and chicken, but i can’t recall. it was a really weird dream. so random!

i’m at sherry’s wedding, apparently. it’s at an unconventional building. i see her running off, holding hands with the guy she is going to marry. they run up a spiral staircase and up to some asian temple kind of place. i’d been there before.

i’m standing on another spiral staircase on the opposite side of a very large ballroom type place, and i’m trying to photograph people at the wedding with a regular point and shoot camera. my mom is to my right. the photos keep coming out blurry, and i initially think that it’s because the room is too dark and my hand isn’t steady enough. but later i find out that while the room is somewhat dark, that’s not the main problem. the main problem is that the staircase i am standing on is actually attached to a rail sort of system, and it is being moved around on this rail.

(imagine you’re in a restaurant where they have dividers separating two rooms. they’ll often put up a piece of wall that slides open and closed on a metal guide on the top… that’s what these stairs were hooked onto.)

well, i seem to be the only one who notices that the staircase is moving around. soon people disappear and i am the only one being moved around on this rail. i think the staircase i am standing on has also disappeared, and i am basically just being pulled along by like, an invisible force or something. i leave the area where all the people are and find myself flying through other rooms, guided by this metal guide/rail. very… strange to describe.