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there’s a rave at a high school, and some announcement saying that there will be no bag checking because it’s a rave and not a ________??!?!?! there are a large amount of dressed up raver kids and two tiers of ticketing, apparently.

we go to a foldout tent under a white canopy to purchase the second tier of our tickets. they are supposed to be physical tickets that cost $10. the whole ticket is supposed to be $15, because apparently we have $5 wristbands on, although i don’t actually remember purchasing the wristbands.

the girls manning the canopy are being shady as fuck, and they’re trying to rip people off. i know for a fact, i guess, that the tickets are supposed to cost no more than $15. they’re trying to charge us fluctuating amounts over $15, the last one being $16. it was only $1 more but i still refused because i knew that it was wrong.

they are taking forever to give us the correct price so i turn around to the guy and girl behind us and say sorry. the girl looks like ashley story.

some lady, sitting on a chair, mumbles in the background that the total will be $180 for the two of us. i respond by saying, “$180 is for like, a million tickets.”

the people behind us snicker and the shady ticketers finally offer us $15 for each of our tickets. the workers are now telling each other that, “now you have to make your own tips,” because apparently they were taking the extra money and pocketing it before. the people behind us are excited and say that yay, they now have an extra $2.60 to spend or whatever.

so, i guess i had put my stuff in a locker or something and now they’re giving it to me. there’s a black jacket, which i grab first. then my camera bag is on the table, and luckily i saw it, and as i pick it up, the blue helly hansen jacket i have is also attached to it (i always tie my jackets onto my bags). but then i decide that other than the camera bag, i don’t want to carry this shit around. so i need to put it back in a locker.

rachel goes inside to find a locker or something.

inside, my bags disappear and i walk up (or down) a set of these cooly textured stairs that look like they have wallpaper texture on them. i read some poem… maybe i find it on the ground… written by rachel, and it is pretty cool but sounds a lot like a poem i think i’d write, but a lot darker. i don’t remember much other than that there is a line talking about popes and sexual misconduct in a sarcastic way, and it ends with “, pope.”

my dad had somehow managed to score two tickets to a sold out jason mraz show. the tickets didn’t look like tickets; they looked like receipts (and were the size of large mail envelopes… they even had the carbon paper type thing). on it, it had like an address section and stuff, and it said that it was purchased from, CI, IL (or something similar to that), and i took it to mean that it was chicago, illinois. i mean, it was like a, “DUH, of course it’s from chicago,” type of feeling.

i was in line to get in, wondering what i was going to do with the other ticket i had since i was there alone and they retailed for $110. some girl was standing right outside the venue, and she was holding this purple piece of fabric that said she was looking for tickets on it. little pieces of paper with messages on them were like, pinned onto the fabric or something. odd. i talked to her about the tickets and she wanted them. i said that i wanted at least $100 and she looked distressed briefly and lingered to look for her dad, but soon came back saying okay. i handed her the ticket and she looked at it, but somehow, to her, “CI, IL” meant that the ticket was from IRAQ. she asked why the hell the ticket would be from iraq, and the girl in front of us in line — who turned out to be stephanie [mai… moni] from high school — told us that “CI, IL” was clearly chicago, not iraq. this seemed to calm the girl. i then said i’d wait with her to ensure that she got in. i myself had already gotten my ticket scanned and had gotten a wristband for it. i didn’t ask her for money right away.

as we were standing in line, jason mraz started playing his first song, which i think was “you and i both”… i quickly realized i did NOT want to be standing in line with her because it was causing me to miss the show, and i thought of ways i could rectify the situation and give her faith that she would get in without waiting with her. i thought of having her hold onto something i had for the time being and going in first and then meeting up with her to get it back. but then i thought, nevermind, and continued to painfully wait.

when we finally got up to the front of the line, it hadn’t been that far into the song. i showed the guy my wristband, and as i pulled up my sleeve, now my right arm was covered with wristbands. i had a hard time locating the one i was supposed to even show him.

i got distracted by mraz’s oh so sweet musak as we got closer to the door, and briefly wandered off. there were giant tv screens and an interesting setup unlike that of any other venue i had been to, so i was interested. when i came back to see if she had gotten in yet, she had disappeared somewhere and i was a little distressed that i could not locate her. i struggled to find the GA (general admission) section which our tickets took us to, and it was somewhere off to the right side of the stage. there weren’t that many people in that section, surprisingly, and i thought about looking for her in that area but hesitated, thinking that perhaps she was looking for me near the door and had not gotten in yet. this all after she had NOT paid me yet.

i decided, after looking at the GA section again, that i would head down there since she did not seem to be by the door. i thought of how i could get mraz’s attention or something, including an idea which somehow involved a cellphone. end.